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3 Days Guruvayur Kerala Tour package

3 Days Guruvayur & Munnar Tour

3 Days Kumarakom Houseboat Tour

3 Days Guruvayur - Wayanad Tour

3 Days Alleppey Houseboat Tour

3 Days Guruvayur- Vagamon Tour

3 Days Athirapally - Munnar Tour

3 Days Guruvayur- Thekkady Tour

3 Days Guruvayur - Nelliyampathi Tour

3 Days Guruvayur- Mookambika Tour

3 Days Guruvayur & Kerala temple Tour

3 Days Athirapally- Jungle safari

Kerala Tourist Places Covered

Guruvayur - Athirapally - Kochi

Guruvayur - Munnar- Kochi

Guruvayur - Kumarakom Houseboat - Cochin

Guruvayur- Wayanad- Calicut/ Mysore

Guruvayur- Alleppey Houseboat - Kochi

Guruvayur Vagamon - Cochin

Guruvayur-Athirapally- Munnar- kochi

Guruvayur-Thekkady- Kochi

Guruvayur- Nelliyampathy- Thrissur

Guruvayur- Mookambika - Kochi

Guruvayur-Kodungallur- Chottanikkara

Athirapally- Malakkappara Jungle safari

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3 Days Guruvayur - Kerala Tours

Are you planing a Pilgrimage tour to Guruvayur and a short trip of Sightseeing in Kerala, This 3 Days packages are best for you. In these 3 Days packages, first day Guruvayur Darshan, Mammiyur Temple and 54 Elephants fort ( Punnathoorkotta) etc included. 2 nd and 3 rd day visit to some famous Kerala tourist destinations like Munnar, Kumarakom, Alleppey etc. We have designed around 14, three days Packages with Guruvayur Darshen. Guests can choose according to their likes- for assistance call - 82 82 82 22 36

Guruvayur City Tour - 3 Day Tour

Guruvayur- Thrissur 3 Day Tour

Guruvayur - Athirapally 3 Day Tour

Guruvayur - Alleppey 3 Day Tour

Guruvayur-Munnar 3 Days Tour

Guruvayur- Kumarakom Tour 3D

Guruvayur - Vagamon Tour 3 Days

Guruvayur - Thekkady Tour 3 Days


1. What are the places to visit for 5 days in Kerala after Guruvayur Darshan ?

Athirapally Falls, Munnar, Alleppey House boat & Cochin are The best Places in Kerala. For more details and best offers on Kerala tour packages - contact TRIPENTICER - Call / WhatsApp - - 09961466495. Our tour experts are available 24/7 to help you.


2. What are the temples to visit in Guruvayur ?

Sri Krishna Temple is the most famous temple in Guruvayur & in Kerala.

Mammiyur Mahadeva Temple ( Shiva temple0 located 2 Kms from Kerisshna Temple.

Punnathoor Kotta - 2 km from the Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple

3. Should I get Kerala Tour Packages on arrival in Guruvayur?

Yes, TRIPENTICER provides Kerala Tour packages after Guruvayur Darshan. Details are on - contact TRIPENTICER - Call / WhatsApp - - 09961466495. Our tour experts are available 24/7 to help you.

4. How can i reach Guruvayur ?

By Rail - Thrissur Railway Station

By Air - Cochin International Airport- COK

5 Wht is the Distance from Thriissur to Guruvayur and Conveyance ?

28 Kms from Thrissur. Thrissur Rly staion & Guruvayur Bus stop in Thrissur are 100 meters only. Frequent Buses , Auto & Taxi service are available. few Trains also. Travelling Time by bus 45 minutes, Taxi- 35 minutes

3 Days Kerala Tour Packages from Guruvayur

1. Guruvayur- Athirapally- Cochin Tour3 Days

2. Guruvayur- Munnar Tour 3 Days

3. Guruvayur- Athirapally- Munnar Tour 3 Days

4. Guruvayur - Alleppey Houseboat- Cochin 3 Days

5. Guruvayur- Alleppey Houseboat & Beach 3 Days

6. Guruvayur- Mookambika Tour- 3 Days

7. Guruvayur- Thekkady Tour 3 Days

8.Guruvayur- Athirapally- Vagamon 3 Days

9. Guruvayur- Athirapally Tour 3 Days

10. Guruvayur-Wayanad Tour 3 Days

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